Got to see ABB with Duane 3 times. Twice at Park Center in Charlotte. And Love Valley. Love Valley I was near the top of the arena. One at Park Center there was little stage lighting as I recall. And as a drummer back then I paid more attention to Jamo and Butch than the interaction of the guitars. Last night at the Visualite in Charlotte I could see the stage and appreciate the intricacies of the music like I never did in 1970. These guys are incredibly accurate. It was eyeopening and a joy to watch and hear.

Hayne Coleman aka HANK COLE   

I saw these guys in Asheville at the Grey Eagle and they blew me away. They are the real deal. Phenomenal players.

Jackson Dent   

I just want to say that the Allman Brothers Band was hands-down the best band to ever come out of the South period. End of story. No disrespect to Skynyrd.

Also, ABB was just so soulful. I have been listening to them since I was in my 20's jumping out of planes for the 82nd Airborne. They kept me going then and they still keep me going today, 40 years later. And this is from a Yankee!!!

John Catalano   

I never heard the Allman Brothers in concert but I can't imagine them sounding better than y'all did at the Tift Theater in Tifton Ga. We will definitely see you guys again.

Author *Allen Peugh   

Comment *You guys absolutely crushed it at Pour House last Saturday night. Keep going!
Tribute now owns Charleston.

Author *Sky Dog Slide Rules   

Comment *We feel fortunate to have 'stumbled' into Northside Tavern on Super Bowl weekend where Tribute just happened to be playing. The band was required to be on stage until 4am but we ran out of steam at 2:30am after dancing for hours. The set lists were on the floor and we could see that the show was building up to a grand finale of hits. I think at one point I was crying with joy. Great job, fellas.

Author *Art Chadwick   

Comment *Great show at City Winery. These guys just keep getting better. Any fan of the Allman Brothers must see them live.

Author *Thomas H. Mann   

Charleston show at the Pour House amazing!
Tribute is a powerhouse;from the first note, it is clear they have something special to give the audience celebrating the Allmans. They not only capture the sound of the Allmans but seem to channel their spirit with each note. I have been fortunate to see the original Allman Bros band with Duane and Berry Oakly numerous times- As Tribute opened their first set they nearly brought me to tears. perfect on so many levels.
Thanks for all the hard work to bring this home.
David Robbins
Charleston, SC

David Robbins   

You guys are 5 stars all the way! Completely professional, showing up on time, ran a completely flawless set and really had our crowd going!

"Tribute" has set the bar in our community and we will definitely have you back!!

Delaine Newberry   

If you close your eyes, you'll hear the '60s and '70s melodies and swear Duane, Greg, Dickey, Berry, Jaimoe and Butch were onstage doing what they did best! Go hear these guys play!


Good, we share the same favorites:

Best wishes from Germany.

By thy way.
What do you think about us?


I saw you guys at City Winery and you were fantastic! Hope to make it to another show soon.


Great Band!


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